On 17 of June 2014 the International Medical Congress «Palliative medicine in the health care of the Russian Federation, CIS and Europe"will take place in Moscow at the address: Novy Arbat Str. 36/9 (building of Moscow City Government).

The scheduled main topics for the plenary session of the Congress:

  • Guidelines and methodologies of the palliative care for patients with oncological, non-oncological and infectious diseases
  • Procedure of palliative care
  • Palliative care for adults
  • Palliative care for children
  • Personnel trainings for palliative care system
  • Cooperation of state and private institutions in the palliative care
  • Juristical aspects in the palliative care
  • Nursing in the palliative care
  • Volunteering and welfare activities in the palliative care
  • Research studies in the palliative care
  • Problems of long-term care in the palliative medicine
  • Therapy of homeostasis abnormalities
  • Availability and efficacy of drugs in the palliative care
  • Treatment of chronic pain in the palliative care
  • Therapy of CNS abnormalities in the palliative care
  • Therapy of dyspepsia in the palliative care
  • Therapy of respiratory irritations in the palliative care
  • Nutritional support in the palliative care
  • Psychological support and psychotherapy
  • Instrumental methods of palliative care
  • Implementation of innovations in the practical medicine

We kindly ask you to consider the possibility to take part in the Congress.

Following professionals from the Russian Federation, CIS and Europe are welcome:

Executives and representatives of regulatory bodies in the health care, research institutes, higher education institutes, pharmacy; chief and leading professionals of all the areas of clinical medicine (gastroenterology, haematology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, podiatry, psychiatry, pneumonology, rheumatology, endocrinology etc), representatives of social organizations and associations.


Margarita Meyer

Chief of Project Management

Alliance Medicine Service GmbH

Official Representatives of the Russian Association of Palliative Care in Europe

Hamburg / Germany

Tel: +49 40 374 29 590